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Welcome to Legacy Farms Equine Rescue! We would love to invite you on our mission to save lives. 

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About Us

About Our Rescue

The truth is, we didn’t intend to formulate an equine rescue. Honestly, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Horse after horse, our facilities grew until we realized we were on a mission to save as many lives as we could. 

Now the project only grows more! We accept horses from  feed lots and auctions with the hopes of building them a brighter future. Here at Legacy Farms, our goal is to create a safe environment that can nurture the spirits of broken horses until they are ready to find a forever home.

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Featured Horses

Norris the... ZEBRA!?


When we got a call regarding a particularly unique case, we were a little more than surprised. Norris (named after legendary Chuck Norris) is a Plains Zebra that was surrendered to us in March of 2024 

Our goal is not to rehome Norris, but to ensure his quality of life. That being said, Mr. Norris will be a permanent resident here at Legacy Farms where we can insure his safety and the safety of others. Currently we are working on getting to know him and gradually desensitizing him to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, and noises. We hope to one day place him with other equines that way he can enjoy his quiet life as a Legacy Farm favorite. 

Click below to visit the African Wildlife Foundation to read about Norris’s beautiful kin. 

All of our horses have found their forever homes! However, feel free to send us an email if you are interested in leasing a horse.


12yo – Gelding

*Found Forever Home



Adult – Gelding

*Found Forever Home


4yo – Mare

*Found Forever Home


What We Do


Many of our horses come from auctions as well as from owners who can’t continue to care for them. More often, we rescue horses from Feed Lots.


In some cases, the horses we care for are malnourished and/or uncomfortable around people. The rehabilitation process begins with the horse’s health and continues with behavior and social assessment.


Our favorite part of the process is seeing the horse that comes out on the other side! During this phase, our goal is to match potential owner’s needs with the horse’s personality and capabilities.


Looking to make a donation? We love it! All of the proceeds go to facility maintenance and improvement, hay, grain, and additional supplies.

Seriously, it is a big help!


Need a companion? Browse some of the horses we have on-site. 

If you interested in using a horse, we offer leasing options as well. This could include general riding, simply spending time with the animals, and more.